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The idea for the company started out as a concept during a chance  meeting  between three like minded, professional individuals. Three dedicated people who collectively possess over 75 years of diverse and rich experience in the Packaged Food, Sports Nutrition and Dietary Supplement Industries. The idea behind Giant seems obvious and downright simple: Just make and market the absolute best products possible!  Why would anyone ever settle for less than the best?


  Giant Sports Products is dedicated to bringing educated and savvy consumers of Sports Nutrition & Dietary Supplement products the most efficacious, most innovative, best tasting, and safest products available in the industry. All of our products undergo extensive review - and must be approved as safe per suggested label use guidelines - by a Board Certified Physician licensed to practice Medicine in the United States of America before the product can be commercialized.


  At Giant, if we can’t find a way to improve - dramatically - over what is currently being sold in a particular category then we will not produce and sell a product into that category. You will never see a Giant branded product that could ever be considered “me too!” This is our company’s core philosophy that drives everything we do - from dietary ingredient selection, product  taste to where our products are manufactured  and stored before distribution. It is not acceptable to be merely better - we will only accept being the best at everything we do.

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